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Advanced Chemical Sensing Method and Apparatus


Project TitleAdvanced Chemical Sensing Method and Apparatus
Track Code27090
Short DescriptionNone
Conventional chemical sensors or chemical resistors detect the molecule concentration by monitoring the resistance change caused by the reaction near the sensing material surface. One of the problems with these systems is with drift, when over time the analyte molecules poison the device’s sensing surface, causing weaker performance on selectivity and sensitivity. This often requires rigorous and timely calibrations to the sensor, which involves human intervention, and often times complete sensor replacement. To address this problem, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, have developed a vertical platform that dramatically improves the sensor’s ability to manage and recover from the poison environments. By examining and manipulating the sensing plane vis-à-vis the near field surface, researchers have demonstrated an effective and robust chemical sensing platform for a range of gas sensing applications.
Tagssensing, Design and Fabrication, environmental sensors, process control, Scientific/Research
Posted DateApr 7, 2017 7:36 AM


  • Platform for range of gas sensing applications
  • Significantly reduces drift and calibration management
  • Inherent low-poison, low-maintenance design
  • Leverages standard industry manufacturing facilities

Potential Applications

  • Chemical sensing and analysis
  • Gas sensing and analysis
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Artificial olfaction systems

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Phone : 510-643-4219

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