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Optofluidic Smart Glass With Enhanced Angular Response


Project TitleOptofluidic Smart Glass With Enhanced Angular Response
Track Code2017-050
Short Description


Faculty at the University of Delaware have developed a optofluidic smart glass structure with a unique inner design. Optofluidic glass is a type of smart glass such that it may be reflective with air interference and alternatively, transparent when impelled with a particular index matched fluid. This allows for a switchable privacy setting or light shutter after fast pumping of fluid.


Prototype development and ongoing research are in progress.


This is an advanced smart glass technology intended for privacy panels, windows, doors, energy efficient building envelopes. The technology may also be applicable for art and architectural purposes.


With the market for smart glass continually growing within the United States and the projection to boom by 2022, constant research and improvements are being made on the design and functionality. Smart glass is capable of switching transparency and reflection over a wide viewing angle. For Optofluidic smart glass, this change is prompted as a specific index-matched fluid is pumped within the glass, resulting in transparency. Alternatively, the glass may then be reflective upon air interference. Currently on the market, there are smart glasses that provide the same purpose but with very poor optical properties, as the glass may not be seen as reflective from all angles. This Optofluidic smart glass provides a novel inner design that enhances the reflectivity between the inner facets resulting in high reflectivity at nearly all angles of light. Furthermore, the optimized Optofluidic inner design is far less costly to manufacture than competing technologies.

Tagsoptofluidic, smart glass, Glass
Posted DateAug 11, 2017 1:02 PM


  • Reduced manufacturing cost compared to competing smart glass
  • Optimized reflectivity and optical qualities at nearly all angles of light
  • Lower transmittance due to an enhanced angular response



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