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Privacy Policy

Privacy of Information Policy

This version of AUTM’s Privacy of Information Policy has been in effect since May 19, 2016.

AUTM acknowledges that it collects individuals’ contact information when they become members of AUTM, register for AUTM courses/meetings and purchase AUTM resources. This information is the property of the individual Member and is stored in AUTM’s secure database. AUTM is dedicated to protecting the privacy of its Members and participants, and adheres to the following information-sharing policies:

·       AUTM uses collected information for internal marketing purposes and to distribute association news to Members and others.

·       AUTM rents addresses collected from Members and nonmembers unless individuals decide that such information should not be made available and specifically advise AUTM of this determination.

·       Before approving a rental agreement, the requestor must provide AUTM with the exact intended use of the addresses and a sample of the mailing that will be sent out. The requestor must use the AUTM List Rental form when making this request. AUTM’s decision about whether to rent the addresses is based on the educational nature of the mailing piece and whether it has the potential to benefit Members.

·       AUTM does not release Member or participant email addresses.

·       AUTM maintains the right to contact any individual AUTM member at any time regarding membership renewals and benefits as well as changes to the membership agreement and other membership issues.

·       AUTM does not collect personal information from visitors to AUTM’s website, except for basic Internet Protocol addresses that AUTM staff may track for internal analysis of site use.

·       AUTM uses Members’ email addresses to forward broadcast emails about AUTM news and activities. All email messages created and distributed by AUTM include “unsubscribe” instructions.

·       AUTM may collect annual information about academic technology transfer activities. Though each university retains ownership of the individual data it contributes, AUTM stores this data on a secure server, and may publish and sell individual and aggregate information.

·       AUTM reserves the right to modify this Policy as required by association and Members’ needs.